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10th International Fluid
Power Conference

March 8 - 10 | 2016
in Dresden

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An electronic version of the conference proceedings will be permanently archived and publicly available for free personal use. It can be found using the persistent identifier urn:nbn:de:bsz:14-qucosa-196676.

10th IFK won the Congress award

On November 7th 2016, the winner of the 11th Dresden Congress Award has been announced in front of an audience of 300 representatives of politics, science, culture and economy at Dresden Erlwein-Capitol. The 10th International Fluid Power Conference won the congress award in the category 501 to 1000 participants. Professor Dr.-Ing. Jürgen Weber, director of the Institute of Fluid Power at the TU Dresden received the price representing the IFK-team:

“Receiving this award is a big honor to the whole team. A lot of effort, heart and soul was put into this event. I am pleased we established a high-class conference here in Dresden with interesting talks creating an important platform for science and industry.”

Dresden Congress Award for the 10th International Fluid Power Conference
from left to right: Dirk Hilbert (Mayor of Dresden), Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jürgen Weber (Director of the Institute of Fluid Power at TU Dresden), Dr. Bettina Bunge (Managing Director Dresden Marketing GmbH)
Photo: (c) Silvio Dittrich

Review on the 10th International Fluid Power Conference

The 10th International Conference on Fluid Power (IFK) was held in Dresden from 8th to 10th March 2016. Being one of the world’s most significant scientific conferences on fluid power control technology and systems it offers a common platform for the presentation and discussion of trends and innovations to manufacturers, users and scientists. The main theme was “Smart Fluid Power”.

With more than 600 participants and 37 exhibitors being part of this conference the IFK was once more a central meeting point in fluid power. It is a platform for exchange between the producing industry and researchers at universities, with talks on innovations and discussions about ongoing development trends. This is clearly proven by the statistic of participation (50% university, 50% industry). Moreover the IFK is a world-wide known event with 40% of international guests.

The 11th IFK is going to take place from 19th to 21st March 2018 organized by the Institute of Fluid Powered Drives and Controls (IFAS) of the RWTH Aachen. We are looking forward to an exciting IFK 2018 in Aachen.

Impressions of the 10th International Fluid Power Conference


With its 10th edition, the International Fluid Power Conference included 114 presentations from universities and companies that provided an insight into current research activities and innovations. Several new sessions, such as “Novel System Structures”, “Intelligent Control”, “Thermal Behavior”, “System Integration and Safety” and “Actuators and Sensors” represented the current trends in fluid power and extended the traditional topics. Seven general lectures presented the current state of the art and the new developments within their topic in a very structured and informative manner.

Additional pictures of the conference are available for all participants here. This includes many pictures of most speakers during the conference.


The accompanying exhibition provided the opportunity to gather information on innovative products and system solutions as well as to get in touch with and converse with experts of the fluid power industry. The exhibition was fully booked with about 400 m2 of exhibition space and 37 exhibitors from Europe and Asia.

Additional pictures of the exhibition are available for all participants here. This includes many pictures of most exhibitions stands.

Conference Banquet

On the evening of the 2nd day of the conference (March 9th), the conference banquet took place in the historic atrium of the Albertinum. It was an enjoyable evening in an elegant atmosphere, with a delicious buffet and a good opportunity to chat and discuss with each other.

Laboratory Party

The closing social event of the Conference took place in the test lab of the Institute of Fluid Power. Besides a diverse buffet with countless foods and drinks there were also some entertaining highlights of fluid-power.

Cultural Program

For accompanying persons not participating in the conference, a cultural frame program on March 9th and 10th was offered. This included a guided tour through Königstein fortress and the palace garden of Pillnitz on March 9th. The second day included an interesting city tour through Dresden with its historic and modern sights.


On March 11th, an excursion led interested participants to the power plant “Nossener Brücke” that produces approximately three quarters of Dresden’s power demand. They also visited the “König and Bauer AG” that produces printing presses for more than 100 years.