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10. Internationales Fluidtechnisches

8. - 10. März | 2016
in Dresden

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16:50   ics       Saal 4

Electromechanical actuator concept for the controlled and direct actuation of a hydraulic main stage

First author:
Markus Ermert, Thomas Magnete GmbH, Germany

Hydraulic main stages for off highway machines have usually electromagnetic driven pilot valves. You rarely find stepper motor driven pilot systems that are directly positioning the main spool in the sectional control valve. The presented concept shows the development of an actuator in a unique setup to fulfill the requirements of most off-highway applications. Precise positioning, strength, speed and fail safe requirements were the main goals of the concept. The concept has a two phase BLDC transversal flux motor with a single gear stage transmission. The software and control unit are specially designed for this electric motor setup. On a test bench some results of the first samples reveal the technical potential of this concept. The development of the actuator was done in-house of Thomas Magnete GmbH (mechanical, electronical, and software development).