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10. Internationales Fluidtechnisches

8. - 10. März | 2016
in Dresden

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Design of a High Performance Energy Coupling Actuated Valve (ECAV)

First author:
Jordan Garrity, Purdue University, USA

Most commercially available valves are able to produce a large flow rate or a fast response, but are incapable of producing both simultaneously. Commercially available valves that can achieve both are expensive as they require multiple stages of actuation and piloting pressures to deliver large flow rates quickly, preventing them from being broadly used in fluid power applications. This work investigates the design of an Energy Coupling Actuated Valve (ECAV) that is capable of solving this trade-off between large flow and fast switching times through the use of an innovative, high performance actuation system. The ECAV is a new development in valve technology in the area of hydraulic, high speed, proportional and digital on/off valves. High speed actuation is produced through the intermittent coupling of a kinetic energy source with a translational poppet or spool. This coupling process occurs through the use of magnetorheological fluid and a controlled magnetic flux through the fluid in the energy coupler. The ECAV has several design advantages including proportional force control and a large (7mm) stroke capability. Early results predict a nominal flow rate of 100 L/min at a 5 bar pressure drop can be achieved with a 3 ms on/off response time.