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10. Internationales Fluidtechnisches

8. - 10. März | 2016
in Dresden

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14:30   ics       Großer Saal

Thermo-energetic Analysis of the Fluid Systems in Cutting Machine Tools

First author:
Juliane Weber, TU Dresden, IFD, Germany

Jürgen Weber, TU Dresden, IFD
Harald Lohse, TU Dresden, IFD

Controlling the thermo-elastic behavior of tooling machines can only be achieved by systematic analysis, characterization and design of their fluidic system. In the first stage of this project, fundamental work was done to develop simulation methods for the calculation of the thermodynamic behavior of a representative example of a milling machine and each of its components. With experimental and numerical data it was proven, that significant improvement can be achieved by a proper design of heat transfer conditions of the fluidic system. To correct and counterbalance thermo-energetic effects, it will be necessary to develop new structures of the tooling machines systems which ensure the temperature-control of local subsystems in dependence of the actual working process. The work which is documented in this paper deals with the thermodynamic behavior of the motor spindle.