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10. Internationales Fluidtechnisches

8. - 10. März | 2016
in Dresden

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14:00   ics       Saal 4

Tribolayer Formation on Bronze CuSn12Ni2 in the Tribological Contact between Cylinder and Control Plate in an Axial Piston Pump with Swashplate Design

First author:
Andreas Paulus, Bosch Rexroth AG, Germany

Georg Jacobs, RWTH Aachen University, Institute for Machine Elements and Machine Design (IME)

The present study investigates the formation of tribolayers on bronze CuSn12Ni2. Two different test rigs are used, of which one is a sliding bearing test rig in order to perform lubricated thrust bearing tests. Bronze CuSn12Ni2 is used for the sliding elements and the counter body is made of C45 steel. In addition to that, an axial piston pump test rig was used to determine the transferability of the results to the axial piston pump. The test conditions are set up in a way that the tribological loads in the contacts are similar to each other. Changes in the subsurface morphology and the chemical composition of the tribolayer were analysed using electron probe micro analysis (EPMA), transmission electron microscopy (TEM), energy dispersive X-ray spectroscopy (EDS) and X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS). Focused ion beam (FIB) milling was used to prepare site-specific TEM foils from the wear track. The formation of a nanoscale tribolayer was associated with reduced wear, which leads to low leakage in the axial piston pump. This tribolayer is enriched with oxygen, sulfur and zinc, which is an effect of tribochemical reactions of environment molecules and surface molecules.