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10. Internationales Fluidtechnisches

8. - 10. März | 2016
in Dresden

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14:50   ics       Saal 4

Brimming bubbles? On an Innovative Piston Design of Dosing Pumps

First author:
Axel Müller, Thomas Magnete GmbH, Germany

Mike Heck, Thomas Magnete GmbH
Olaf Ohligschläger, Thomas Magnete GmbH
Martin Petzold, TU Dresden, IFD
Jürgen Weber, TU Dresden, IFD

For delivery, dosing and pressure control of fluids in mobile and stationary applications
electromagnetically operated piston pumps are an established solution. The volume per
stroke is exactly defined by the geometry. Nevertheless cavitation, more likely with the
new fuel blends containing a high proportion of ethanol /1/, deteriorates the dosing
precision of the liquid portion.
One important criterion of precise metering is the transport of the liquids through the
reciprocating piston pump without transferring bubbles. Especially, pumping in the range
of vapour pressure of gasoline fuels implies challenges for precision. The objective of
this work is revealing potential sources of reduced cavitation by optimising the design.
For doing so, optical investigations have been applied. In addition to this, cavitation can
be diminished controlling the piston’s travel externally.
The second important item covers pumping of degenerated fluids even without negative
effects on the pump’s performance. Up to now, wide, inefficient gaps or high force
surplus are necessary. A new helix-design /2/ has been investigated and built up in order
to reduce the described effort. The effects coming with the helix allow a permanent
rinsing of the stressed surfaces, leading to lubrication and lower temperature loads. The
results are shown in simulation, fundamental tests and is validated in practical pump