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10. Internationales Fluidtechnisches

8. - 10. März | 2016
in Dresden

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Power split Hydro-mechanical Variable Transmission (HVT) for off-highway application

First author:
Stefano Mercati, Dana Rexroth Transmission Systems S.r.l, Italy

Fabrizio Panizzolo, Dana Rexroth Transmission Systems S.r.l
Giovanni Profumo, Dana Rexroth Transmission Systems S.r.l
Peter Karlsson, Kalmar - Cargotec Sweden AB

Nowadays the needs to fulfill severe emission standards and to reduce the mobile machine operative costs have driven the off-highway industrial research towards new solutions able to increase the overall vehicle efficiency. Within this scenario, smart power split transmissions demonstrated to be a very attractive technology able to achieve the fuel consumption reduction targets, increasing the machine working cycle productivity. Compared to the standard technologies (such as Torque Converters - TC), the power split hydromechanical varible transmissin (HVT), designed and developed by Dana Rexroth Transmission Systems S.r.l. (DRTS), is able to fully decouple the engine to wheel behavior during the machine working cycle, with an higher efficiency than a pure hydrostatic transmission. Due to this fundamental characteristic, the HVT allows the engine to work next to the maximum efficiency point, consequently it is possible to downsize the engine to further increase the fuel saving. The analysis of the field test performed by an off-highway vehicle (Kalmar Cargotec DRG Gloria 450 reachstacker) equipped with a DRTS HVT has been shown along this paper; particular attention has been given to the cycle load spectra, the fuel consumption and the working cycle productivity through a comparison with standard TC technologies.