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10. Internationales Fluidtechnisches

8. - 10. März | 2016
in Dresden

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10:10   ics       Saal 4

Servopneumatic Clamping System for the Assembly of Battery Cells in the Area of Electric Mobility

First author:
Wolfgang Gauchel, Festo AG & Co. KG, Germany

Sebastian Haag, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), wbk Institute of Production Science

This paper describes a new application for servopneumatic drives. In a battery module for automotive applications the pouch cells are clamped between frames. During the assembly the frames needs to be clamped permanently. So a clamping system comprising two drives was developed, which moves four clamp fingers each alternating. In the first chapter the application is described in detail. The second chapter includes a comparison of servoelectric and servopneumatic drives for this application with respect to energy consumption, installation space and purchase cost. The developed clamping unit is described in chapter three as well as a verification of the influence of the preload force on the straightness of the stack. At the end of this paper the conclusions are summed up.