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10. Internationales Fluidtechnisches

8. - 10. März | 2016
in Dresden

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10:00   ics       Großer Saal

Architecture, Control and NVH Development of Digital Hydraulics for Off-Highway Vehicle Applications

First author:
QingHui Yuan, Eaton Hydraulics, USA

Digital hydraulics is one of promising technologies having a huge potential to
significantly improve energy efficiency in the fluid power industry. In this paper, we
present a digital hydraulics solution for mobile market with a large ammount of energy
usage by hydraulic components and systems. Specifically, a novel hydraulic
architecture, Multiplex Digital Valve (MDV) system that employs digital valves to meet
multiple service pressure/flow requirement in off highway vehicles, is introduced. With
MDV being integrated in an execavator, signficant hydraulic power saving have been
validated compared to the baseline machine with the negative flow control (NFC)
architecture. In addition, considering noise is still a critical hurdle for digital hydraulics
to be adoped, we develop several noise reduction methods that have been evaluated
in simulation environment and implemented in the above MDV. The sound pressure
measured from the retrofitted MDV solution with the NVH treatment in the excavator
has been improved signficantly over the untreated system such that it is nearly
comparable to the baseline machine. The paper also briefly presents the sound quality
study for better understanding of human perception and acceptance to nonconventional