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10. Internationales Fluidtechnisches

8. - 10. März | 2016
in Dresden

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09:10   ics       Saal 4

Active Vibration Control of Axial Piston Machine using Higher Harmonic Least Mean Square Control of Swash Plate

First author:
Teaho Kim, Purdue university, USA

Monika Ivantysynova, Purdue University

Noise emission is a major drawback of the positive displacement machine. The noise source can be divided into structure borne noise source (SBNS) and fluid borne noise source (FBNS). Passive techniques such as valve plate optimization have been used for noise reduction of axial piston machines. However, passive techniques are only effective for limited operating conditions or at least need compromises in design. In this paper, active vibration control of swash plate is investigated for vibration and noise reduction over a wide range of operating conditions as an additional method to passive noise reduction techniques. A 75cc pump has been modified for implementation of active vibration control using the swash plate. One tri-axial acceleration sensor and one angle sensor are installed on the swash plate and a high speed servovalve is used for the swash plate actuation. The multi-frequency two-weight LMS filter synthesizes the servovalve input signal to generate a destructive interference force which minimizes the swash plate vibration. An experimental test setup has been realized using Labview FPGA interface via cRIO. Simulation and experimental studies are conducted to investigate the possibility of active vibration control.