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10. Internationales Fluidtechnisches

8. - 10. März | 2016
in Dresden

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11:00   ics       Saal 4

A hydraulic test stand for demonstrating the operation of Eaton’s energy recovery system

First author:
Meng Wang, Eaton Corporation, USA

Per Danzl, Eaton Corporation
Chad Larish, Eaton Corporation
Vishal Mahulkar, Eaton Corporation
Damrongrit (Neng) Piyabongkarn, Eaton Corporation
Paul Brenner, Eaton Corporation

Fuel cost represents a significant operating expense for owners and fleet managers of
hydraulic off-highway vehicles. Further, the upcoming Tier IV compliance for offhighway
applications will create further expense for after-treatment and cooling.
Solutions that help address these factors motivate fleet operators to consider and
pursue more fuel-efficient, hydraulic energy recovery systems. Electrical hybridization
schemes are typically complex, expensive, and often do not satisfy customer payback
expectations. This paper, will present a hydraulic energy recovery architecture to
realize energy recovery and utilization through a hydraulic hydro-mechanical
transformer. The proposed system can significantly reduce hydraulic metering losses
and recover energy from multiple services. The transformer enables recovered energy
to be stored in a high-pressure accumulator, maximizing energy density. It can also
provide system power management, potentially allowing engine downsizing. A
hydraulic test stand was used in the development of the transformer system. The test
stand is easily adaptable to simulate transformer operations on an excavator by
enabling selected mode valves. The transformer’s basic operations include shaft speed
control, pressure transformation control, and the output flow control. This paper will
present the test results of the transformer’s basic operations on the test stand, which
will enable its full function on an excavator.