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10. Internationales Fluidtechnisches

8. - 10. März | 2016
in Dresden

Information for Exhibitors

The registration for the exhibition is completed! We are looking forward to welcoming a whole of 35 exhibitors on a total booth footprint area of 388 m². For a smooth and efficient process, we have created a checklist for you:

Checklist (.PDF)

Delivery information and preliminary booth plans can be downloaded here:

Delivery and booth plan (.PDF)

Download forms:

Call for Exhibition.pdf

Register for E-Poster


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We want to offer new and attractive presentation media at the 10th International Fluid Power Conference (10th IFK) in Dresden. Therefore, you have the possibility to use e-posters for your presentation.

The e-poster is an interactive alternative for classical paper posters, presented on a 60“-screen and equipped with a touch panel for user interaction.

On our e-poster, the visitors can select poster presentations of a company or institute and directly email the contact person. The embedded software allows the user to choose between specific posters or presentations and to view detailed information on the topics on show. It can be used to display your products and services to a broad expert audience on the 10th IFK. Either you can just place a presentation on a public e-poster, or as an ideal addition to your system stand.

How much will an e-poster cost at the 10th IFK?

Your e-poster content will be charged 299 €. You just have to deliver a digital poster / your video / your product presentation.

E-Poster registration

Please send your poster in PDF-format to exhibition@ifk2016.com until February 26 at the latest. Please comply with the following requirements and fill the sample database below with your information:


Technical exhibition

Benjamin Beck
Technische Universität Dresden
Institut für Fluidtechnik
Helmholtzstraße 7a
D – 01069 Dresden
+49351 / 463 – 42603

Booth construction

Nicole Sagel
Lignum GmbH
Messe und Ladenbausysteme
Ahlsdorfer Weg 7
D – 06311 Helbra
+4934772 / 215 – 42